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Yawll might be wondering what had me wearing just denims and a t-shirt for my latest post. And the boots,of course.Oh,the boots!
This perhaps comes as a gentle reminder about the versatility men's t-shirts. Behind the full-throttle glam dolls that we women are, there is always an oversized-tshirt-and-denims clad girl just munching away her Pringles and playing a video game- hello Assassin's Creed Syndicate!

Here is me coveting a favourite from Fighting Fame. A brand that is so effortlessly and enviously cool, it gives my slinky evening dress a complex.

          { Fighting Fame is a high street fashion brand present in the Indian and Middle Eastern Market since June 2015. Through its elegant graphics, minimalistic slogan tees, jerseys and famous basics; the brand has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time.
Currently focusing on a limited Men and Women collection, the brand derives influences from Parisian streetwear, sports culture and house music. The founders strive to create avant-garde designs that embody feelings of motivation, aspiration, celebration and ego building success; feelings that are the epitome of current youth culture. A balance between a timeless collection and seasonal and cultural trends, combined with high quality fabric and screen prints complete the brand framework.
The term Fighting Fame refers to this generation’s ongoing angst as they switch from aspiring to flashy and brazen success vs. the nonchalant dismissal of it. }

{ Wearing the Champagne White t-shirt from Fighting Fame-
You can shop the very same t-shirt here http://www.fightingfame.com/products/champagne-white-tee }

What comes as great news is that the brand just launched their  debut collection on KOOVS. That's right.

Fighting Fame Generación , a new age collection focused on embodying aspiration, motivation and celebration through minimalism, with maintaining a balance between trends and classics is now live exclusively on KOOVS.

And just in case you were wondering what's in store.Here's a little heads-up on what to expect from the latest collection-

They had me at the scotch.
Do head over to Koovs to shop the collection bit.ly/KoovsXFightingFame
And no, this is not just for the men out there. It is also for the ultra feminine woman who enjoys and embraces androgyny unapologetically.
Also a big shoutout to Taha and Ritesh from Shutter Diaries for taking such brilliant pictures despite the lighting issues and for standing on edges, literally. Plus these guys are reaaally good at portfolio shots,so head over to their Facebook and give their page a nice look.
Do keep coming back for more exciting content!

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